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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads 2021 Advertising Guide

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads or Product Display Ads 2021 Advertising Guide

Amazon Advertising launched in 2012, making a variety of advertising options available to Sellers and Vendors on the platform.

Amazon Advertising offers a number of attractive marketing solutions including Sponsored Advertising, which is Amazon’s Pay-per-click service. It’s a tool that specialises in reaching bottom funnel users and is a great way of showcasing products on the platform.

Sponsored Advertising allows you to create effective marketing campaigns for your products through utilising a number of different options such as; Amazon Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands Video and Amazon Sponsored Display Ads (formerly known as Product Display Ads).

What are the key differences between Sponsored Display Ads, Sponsored Brands and Amazon Sponsored Products?

Sponsored Brands is an ad service within Sponsored Advertising. It allows you to create PPC (Pay-per-click) ads that promote your brand and a selection of your products to shoppers making relevant keyword searches. Sponsored Brands also benefits from Product Targeting which allows you to target specific products, categories and brands. This service enables you to write your own ad copy and include a custom image, which ultimately promotes brand awareness. Only Sellers in the Brand Registry programme can use this service.

Amazon Sponsored Products promotes individual product listings by giving your products priority in the search results. Sponsored Products relies partly on keyword data to present your products to potentially interested shoppers. This means the keywords customers are using to search with, will directly affect if and when your products are shown.

These ads appear across a range of places including the search results page and product detail page. This particular format tends to have the biggest weight of spend behind it due to its placement capacity.

Sponsored Display Ads promotes your products in different priority locations on the platform, not just the search results area. Ads can appear on the Homepage, product detail pages and search results pages. This means it’s possible for them to appear next to your competitors products which is a great advantage.

Unlike the other ad offerings available, Sponsored Display Ads now have the ability to appear off of Amazon across third party websites. Essentially, this type of ad allows you to target relevant customers on other parts of the internet. This gives you a wider reach and more flexibility.

Who can use Sponsored Display Ads as part of an Amazon Advertising Campaign?

These services are available to Sellers and Vendors located in the US, Canada, Europe, the UAE and Asia Pacific.

How do Sponsored Display Ads find and target customers?

Sponsored Display Ads work across both desktop and mobile devices. This service calculates who to target based on their browsing history. This differs from Sponsored Brands and Amazon Sponsored Products which rely heavily on keywords for targeting.

Three different methods are used to target relevant prospects:

Product targeting: – works by targeting similar products and categories
Audiences: views retargeting – works by targeting customers who have viewed your product detail page or similar items within 30 days
Audiences: searches – works by reaching shoppers who have searched for keywords relevant to your products.
Audiences: purchases – works by reaching shoppers who previously purchased your product. This is a new targeting type that follows a CPM pricing model as opposed to CPC. A purchase filter has been included to prevent ads being shown that are less likely to drive a purchase decision. For example if a customer is browsing for a laptop, they will be shown ads relevant to this. Once the customer makes a purchase decision and buys a laptop, they will no longer be shown ads for laptops.

What are the advantages of Sponsored Display Ads and Homepage Display?

Sponsored Display Ads offer a unique opportunity to use audience retargeting for your products on customers visiting the Homepage. This allows you to maximise your visibility.

Sponsored Display Ads allow you to target potential customer’s at all different stages of the sales funnel by appearing on the Homepage, product detail pages, search results pages and third party apps and websites.

This helps you to build brand awareness with highly relevant audiences that are already interested in similar products. It allows you to reach potential buyers at the consideration stage who may already have an interest in your specific offering. By boosting your visibility to relevant audiences you can increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Why is audience retargeting so effective?

Audience retargeting allows you to target visitors who have already viewed your products. Focusing on warm traffic is an effective way to increase conversion rates by concentrating on audiences that are already interested in your products and similar related products.

People who have already engaged with your products are much more likely to make a purchase decision. It also increases brand awareness by putting you at the forefront of potential customer’s minds, wherever they happen to be on the internet.

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Amazon Sponsored Display Ads 2021 Advertising Guide Skye High Group Amazon Marketing Agency

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads 2021 Advertising Guide Amazon Sponsored Display Ads or Product Display Ads 2021 Advertising Guide Amazon Advertising launched in 2012, making a

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